Jessica Jean Baptiste
Jessica Jean-Baptiste


Vision statement

As a product designer studying at Parsons School of design, I’m really passionate about design because it pushes me to look at the world differently and be creative. Design is all around us, and really good design can make the world a much better place. Since I was younger I always enjoyed being creative, and experimenting.   I enjoy the challenge of turning my ideas into products that people enjoy using. I like learning new things outside of school, such as figurative sculpture, forging, and drawing. Those experiences allow me to interact with different people and learn new techniques that push me to be a more innovative maker and versatile thinker. In my work I try to stay true to the materials and manipulate it as little as possible.  My main focus at the moment is furniture design, but I’ve tried to expand upon that and have designed products for people with disabilities, kitchen tools and softgoods. I believe that my passion and enthusiasm can be seen throughout all the work that I put forth whether its art, or design. My goal is to continue to grow and expand upon my skills so that I can be prepared for the design world, and all the other opportunities that may come my way.